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An unexpected surprise

Got an unexpected yet very pleasant surprise today: author copies of the Thai edition of Endangered! I hadn’t realized it was out already. As I can’t read Thai, I don’t know how well Cyn and Rio’s story held up to translation, but having the books on hand is a thrill in itself—and a boost to the spirits in these trying times. For Thai readers out there, I’d love to know what you think of it.

On a personal note, I want to thank everyone who e-mailed me about my father. I’m happy to say that he’s now fully recovered and having a blast riding herd on the grandkids.

A bit of holiday cheer

It’s true! Kensington has sold German rights for Wild Nights. This is amazing news for me and totally unexpected because Wild Nights was first published in 2006. Actually, I heard the news earlier this year but it was only this week that it was confirmed. Just in time for the holidays! Happy dancing at the keyboard! The prospect of one of my stories being translated into another language is such a thrill.

Getting back on track

Sexy Beast VIII has been in bookstores for a few months now. I hope readers have caught up with Graeme and Deanna. For those who aren’t familiar with them, Graeme and Deanna’s story started in “Call of the Wild,” which appeared Sexy Beast II. In Sexy Beast VIII, their story continues in “Running Wild.” Reviewers have been kind, describing it as “well-written,” “an emotional rollercoaster” and “a definite keeper.” Yay!

Since the scare with my dad, my muse has been taking her time settling on a project—just flashes of scenes but nothing concrete. Until the creative spark takes, I don’t know what I’ll be working on next, but my editor is leaning toward another Kay Danella.

For readers interested in Kay Danella, the first chapter of Unbound can be read online. This chapter is taken from the proofs, so there may be minor changes in the final version, which is scheduled for release in October.

Real life packs a wallop

My website needs an update. Yes, I know since Sexy Beast VIII has been out for a month now. Unfortunately, it will probably continue being dated for some time. Of course, my guilty conscience has been nagging me, hence this post in explanation. Last month, the doctors suddenly said that my dad required a quad bypass operation and two days later he went under the scalpel. Since then, my family’s been running around taking care of him and things that can’t wait while he’s in the hospital recovering from the procedure. I’m really sorry for my silence, but he has first priority at the moment. Even writing takes the back burner since my muse is also preoccupied; she isn’t the type to hang around and groove when Real Life Happens.

Less than a month

My author copies of Sexy Beast VIII arrived this week! In less than a month, the anthology will be in the bookstores and readers can catch up with Graeme and Deanna. For those who aren’t familiar with them, Graeme and Deanna’s story started in “Call of the Wild,” which appeared Sexy Beast II. In Sexy Beast VIII, their story continues in “Running Wild.”

“Running Wild” will be my third novella. That’s something of a milestone: if three novellas equal a novel, then by the end of the year, I’ll have done seven “novels.” How can it be seven? Because the second Kay Danella title, Unbound, is scheduled for release in October. The manuscript’s done and the cover art is gorgeous!!

First review for Sexy Beast VIII

I recently received an advance review for Sexy Beast VIII from Coffee Time Romance and they called the anthology “a definite keeper”! What a great start to the new year! Less than three months until April 2010, then you can catch up with Graeme and Deanna as well.

In other news, I dropped by Jessica Rabbit’s Corner and got corralled into answering some fun questions. This is not your usual interview!

Sexy Beast cover art

It’s hard to believe it’s the holiday season again. I recently turned in the page proofs for “Running Wild,” my novella in Sexy Beast VIII! To celebrate, I’ve put up the cover art and a short excerpt on my website.

Nice, huh?

I had so much fun revisiting Graeme and Deanna. I hope you enjoy the continuation of their story, too. Just four months until April 2010! Here’s hoping the coming year is a great one for all.

Heading out soon

I’m attending the RWA National conference in Washington, DC, and will be signing Endangered at the “Readers for Life” autographing, on July 15. The event will be held in the Marriott Wardman Park and is open to the public. Over 500 authors will be signing books donated by publishers with the proceeds to go to ProLiteracy Worldwide to help fight illiteracy. If you’ll be in the area, why not drop by? I’d love to meet readers. Details are in the Appearances page.

I hope to post pictures of the conference while I’m there. You might want to check the Photos page of my website around that time.

On the writing front, the novella for Sexy Beast VIII is done and has been submitted to my editor. Whee! I had a ball revisiting Graeme and Deanna. More details to come once they’re final.

Getting close

I’m approaching the final stretch with “Running Wild,” the novella for Sexy Beast VIII. Yay, me! Luckily, the change in hardware didn’t pose much of a delay. Graeme and Deanna are keeping me on my toes. Now to finish connecting the dots.

Changing of the guard

My laptop finally gave up the ghost yesterday. Luckily, it served notice that its hard disk was getting senile, so I was able to back up most of my files and transition to a newer unit without much trauma. But ::sigh:: I’ll miss it. It served me faithfully for almost 5 years. I finished my first manuscript on it.

I could probably resurrect it with a new hard disk, but at 6.3 pounds, it’s now kind of bulky for my needs. Maybe later, when I have more time, I’ll consider it. But for now, I bought a sexy 10-incher that’s way lighter with processing muscle to spare. I’ll be taking that one to RWA National next month.